1. H

    Does my betta have popeye?

    She got white rings around both her eyes a few weeks ago so I used melafix for a week. It didn’t seem to change much. They seem to be more prominent now but I honestly can’t tell if it’s her coloring or not. She also has a weight issue, I don’t think it’s a disease since she’s very active and...
  2. MagicGirl33

    Clown Pleco Won't Come Out!

    I have a clown pleco that is about a year old and I've seen him about five times. He never comes out, not even for food. I leave it but I come back to check on him (I feed him at 9;30 at night) and he's never out and the other fish pick at his food. What do I do? I'm worried he's not eating...
  3. Circus

    Fish on a Diet

    Everywhere I look it seems like people are saying that White Cloud Mountain Minnows are super gentle and food shy and you have to feed them on the separate side of the tank because everybody will out compete them for food. As far a my white clouds are concerned, this is 100% not true. They will...