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  1. R

    Fish need schools, but I’m afraid of overstocking

    So I have a 29 gal long Community tank with the following fish: - 2 khuli loaches - 7 corydoras - 2 angelfish - 1 bristlenose pleco - 3 otocinclus - 5 prestilla tetras - 1 neon tetra - 4 harlequin rasboras - 3 platys - a few snails which of these should I get more of so that they will feel more...
  2. N

    Will my tank be overstocked?

    Hello! I am brand new to the hobby and am currently in the process of cycling my planted tank. My tank is 6.3 gallons (29 L). Due to the small tank size I am worried about overstocking! So my question is, would the following be overstocking my tank? 5 x Chilli Rasbora 4 x Celestial Pearl...
  3. Aeroase

    Stocking Questions!

    Hi! I have a 10gal tank with 4 false julii’s, a dwarf gourami, and an otocinculus (i know they do better in groups, i just haven’t found a shop to get some from that aren’t half dead in the store). The tank is heavily planted and fully cycled! The fish that are in there are doing good. My...
  4. neoninnesi

    Fantail Goldfish in 10 Gallon Tank

    Firsty I know that a 10 Gallon tank is way too small for a fully grown Fantail. My question is, if I provided proper filtration (undergravel filter, cannister, and frequent pwc) how long could a Fantail (purchased around 1”) thrive in 10 gallons before the small size would stunt its growth? How...
  5. N

    Overstocked 10 gallon?

    Hi there, After 23 days of fishless cycling my 10 gallon finally could process 3ppms of ammonia in 24 hours with zero nitrates. Since then I've rescaped (twice!!!) And finally stocked my tank. I put 4 panda corys, one large zebra nerite, one small tiger nerite, and my male koi half moon betta I...
  6. Gina_TheBetta

    Plenty of Platys

    I have 2 female betta and 5 platys (2 orange 3 red wags, 3 males 3 females). I adore female fish. They're in my 20 gallon. Then I have one female betta, 2 cherry barbs and 3 albino cherries. 3 cherry shrimp 3 ember tetras and 3 snails. I dont know why I got pairs of 3, I just did. I feel I'm...
  7. R

    How many Dwarf Gourami in 10 gallon tank?

    I've been wanting to keep dwarf gourami for a long time, and right now I have an empty cycled planted tank. I've been looking at different fish, and I really would like to keep dwarf gourami, however I don't want to put them in a tank that is too small. How many Dwarf gourami, if any, should I...
  8. A

    New 10 Gallon Tank

    im starting a new freshwater tank and i was thinking about doing 5 black phantom tetras and 5 von rio flame tetras with various live plants. tetras are usually middle level and i have no high or low level fish, i thought about some guppies or gouramis but im afraid the tetras would fin nip...
  9. S

    Where Do I Stand In Terms Of Overstocking In My 10 Gal.

    I went to a fish stocking calculator site and it said I was something like 90% stocked, and I just wanted to check it out, if you can give me some feedback.  I believe in understocking and I thought I was.   10 gal. tank heavily planted 50% water change weekly Fluval U2 internal filter. potting...
  10. P

    Help With New Set Up

    Hello I'm new here to the forums and I would like a bit of expert help on my new tropical set up ;) I have a 60 litre tank that is all ready to go it's in the middle of being cycled now and I have about 2 weeks to go before I can add any fish safely and I was wondering what amount of fish I can...
  11. L

    Stocking A 15 Gallon(58Litre) Tropical Tank?

    Hi I recently started a new tank, cycled it using the ammonia method, started off with 4 mollies and then added more. So far I have in total: 4 mollies (mixed) 1 male guppy 7 Neon Tetras 2 Platys 1 Panda Cory. 4 cherry shrimp 2 amano shrimp 2 assasin snails.    There were a few more but they...
  12. C


    Hi, I've only been on this site for a bit, but everyone seems very nice! I have a 20 gallon high, with two caves, several plastic/cloth plants, and an EX20 filter, with airstone and electric provider suitable for 40 gallons. So far, we have one cherry shrimp, one dwarf gourami, two albino...