1. M

    New tank, have a question about something

    So I got my first fish tank its a 10 gallon, it has 5 zebra danios and an otto, is it alright if the otto is left alone or does it need more of its kind?
  2. FurFinFeathers

    Sick Otto, Please Help!

    One of my Ottos has recently developed a huge white spot on his back, and I don't know what it is! I couldn't find anything from online research either, so I'm scared it's undiagnosable?? I've attached a picture to this post. Could it be some kind of external parasite or an infection?
  3. ChancesMama

    Betta And Ottos.

    Hello everyone! Since everyone here is so nice and informative, I've decided to ask you another question. I have quite a fair amount of fish knowledge under mt belt and let me stress that I am in no way saying that this needs to happen. My beta is comfortable and I will be getting her a bigger...
  4. cheesy feet

    Cheesy Feet's 30 Litre Planted Aquarium

    I'll have to get my proper camera out and take some pictures of the fish and slightly changed layout (the rock is now vertical, with the moss attached with some plant netting), but here's some pics from my phone: [/URL]   Sooo. I got bored and decided to set up another little planted aquarium...
  5. nikkifro8994

    Hair Algae Help!

    I was gone for 10 days on vacation. My mom fed all my tanks for me while I was gone. I got home and saw hair algae all over my 10 gallon community tank. It had a tiny bit before I left, but I didn't think anything of it. My other 10 gallon has a little inside the filter intake tube. These 2...