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  1. April_ht

    Online Stores Australia

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not I'm sorry, but does anybody know of any good quality online stores to buy from in Australia that sell a range of live plants or aquascaping supplies including rock, driftwood, backgrounds etc? I can't go out yet due to lockdown and...
  2. mbsqw1d

    Online fish stores

    Hey. Seeing as another national lock-down looms for us in the UK, that means our LFS will be closed. I've never bought fish online before and have been recommended a few such as Tropco. I've been close to buying from Tropco .. they're based down South whereas I'm about 300 miles Northwest from...
  3. B


    does anyone know of anywhere decent where i can buy fish online in germany? just moved here and setting up a new 240l tank and want some leaf fish (preferbally SA) thankyou