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  1. B

    8-9 year old Rhino Pleco seems to be falling apart

    Hello all, I've had this rhino pleco ever since he was a baby (starting out when I had a stupid 1 gallon aquarium back in 2012-3), and slowly over the years upgraded his tank as i figured out what was going on (the stupid fish store owners/workers I talked to said that he was an algae eater and...
  2. H

    Turning Off Filter for Old Betta

    Hi guys! I am very sad because my 4 year old betta is starting to slow down and spends all his time resting at the bottom of the tank.(water parameters are good, he’s been slowing down for a while now) In order to breathe, he has to rush to the top and then goes immediately back down. I feel bad...
  3. RCA

    A Retirement Home For Bob

    Hi all, this is the recent journey of Bob, my old Siamese Fighter and his move to his retirement home.   Bob originally came to me after I picked up an old tank for £1 at a car boot in the South and then spent about £60 kitting it out!  When I first got him all his fins had been ripped off by...