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  1. S

    Ammonia in freshly filled tank?

    Hi, I had just setup new tank. Substrate is 50/50 mix of sand and eco sand (coral sand substitute) washed thoroughly, some dragon rocks, spider root, couple of plants ( glued to the hardscape with super glue). Filter media is pumice ( Saechem Matrix). I had filled it yesterday, turned on the...
  2. S

    transparent slime on my driftwood

    i have a new planted 10g tank and my driftwood is picking up a transparent layer of sluggish substance which is covering most of my driftwood and it is slimy. is it normal? if it is not normal, what should i do to treat it? help me please. PS: its a new tank and im currently cycling it without...
  3. Eman85358

    0 Fish, 0 ammonia, Off the charts Nitrites/Nitrates?!?!

    I have a Fluval V: 5 gallon, in tank simple sump filtration aquarium. It has been running for almost two months. It is supposed to be a low end brackish tank, so 1.005-1.010. I have been keeping it at around 1.008 on average. When I started this tank just about two months ago I added all of the...
  4. Angiemckgraye


    Can anyone help me please. Sorry if question has been asked before. I bought a new 105 litre tank on Sunday. I have sand as substrate (as want Cory fish once tank is cycled) NO FISH IN THE TANK. I rinsed sand until the water was clear. Added decorations which were also rinsed. However I added...
  5. BabyMatthew

    New Hobbiest Mom Needs Help!

    Hi folks, I'm three weeks into the cycling phase (No Fish) and have a reading of 3ppm of ammonia (5 days) and 0 nitrate and 0 nitrites readings. It's been four to five days since I adjusted the ammonia reading because it was too high. I did a 25% water change and in about three days it lowered...