nitrite spike

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  1. J

    Nitrite Spike, Not going down after multiple water changes.

    The other day one of my fish died overnight in my established 10 gallon. I tested my waters with the api master kit and my nitrites were off the charts purple. My ammonia is zero and my nitrates are about 5 ppm. My kit is not expired and it reads zero nitrites on my tap water and my 29 gallon...
  2. Sparklehoofs

    At my wits end with this cycle? Desperately need advice please.

    Hi, I am cycling my sump for my Betta rack system. I am using the API Freshwater Kit. I shake the living daylights out of all the bottles before use to avoid the crystallisation. I have cycled 5 tanks previous to this with the fish food method and had no issues whatsoever. This time I decided...
  3. G

    Nitrite Spike Won’t Go Down

    Hello, i’ll start with the details of my tank. I have a 20g tall planted tank. Fluval substrate+ top layer sand substrate, with a piece of wood, and a few rocks. My heater keeps the tank between 78-80. I’ve had it running for nearly two months, and started it with a mesh bag of cycled...