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  1. M

    Namaste, hobbyists!

    Hello everyone. I'm from the US originally but living in India now for many years. I come from a farm in northern USA where birth and death are normal parts of life, and kept many many pets including fish, turtles, etc. Unfortunately, I haven't kept any fish for over a decade due to...
  2. A

    Hi everyone!

    Hi my name is Amber and I've got a small 40L (9 gallon?) Tank with my rasboras and bristlenose pleco with basic plants like java fern and anubias. I've just got a bigger tank off a family member which I think is about 140L (36g) and looking for advice. The tank came with 1 torpedo barb and 1...
  3. I

    Because kids like Glofish...

    and my husband's nickname is "Dad Says Yes!," I inherited a new hobby. This often happens in our house, but seldom with such enjoyable results. Turns out that I LOVE it. We've had a 20 gallon tank with 3 skirted tetra glofish for about a year. Recently, a friend rehomed the last of her fish, a...
  4. Flossybean


    Hi there I'm new to the forum.I have a 60l tank with platys in so far. Found this forum very useful already.
  5. J

    Saying Hello,

    hi, Im recently new to tropical fish keeping, coming up to a year and i am managing well, only lost 2 glass tetra as they decided to jump out of the tank! We started with 3 cherry shrimp and now have over 30! The little breeders! Lol We have lots of trumpet snails and a big apple snail, we...