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  1. SagesSeaEscape

    New to here!

    Hi Everyone! Just doing a little introduction post here! I have had fish almost all my life and recently started expanding into the hobby of breeding! Starting off with the “easy breeders” guppies, shrimp, and kribensis. I have 2 tanks. One of the tanks (29 gal) is my personal tank which I...
  2. ameliagb

    new user (:

    hi! new user here, I kept fish growing up and I currently have a 55/60 gal (its rounded in the front so im not sure the exactt number but plenty of floor and swim space) tank that I guess would be considered semi-aggressive. Its stocked with 2 smaller bichir polypterus, one pictus cat, 2 blue...
  3. J

    I'm Back! Now what should we do this time?

    Hello everyone! My name is Jim, I've been keeping fish on and off for about 20 years. Sometimes with great success, sometimes with great failure. I love trying new and different things, and love hearing about other people testing the limits of what we can do in the world of artificial habitats...
  4. Boyden

    Hiya All

    Hi everyone,   I'm new to the hobby really.  I have a community tank with Platy's, Golden Pleco's, Panda Cory's and Peppered Cory's.  The plec's server the usual purpose although I wish I had purchased differently, they're entertaining.  My Platy's are nice and colourful and always on the move...