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  1. B

    New tiger shovel nose catfish, need some advice on behaviour.

    So im new to large freshwater fish, but have had malawis in the past. I was under the impression tiger shovel nose catfish were active fish, but i got one today and he has just hid under a log all day. It looks amazing but it would be better if i could see it swimming around in its full glory...
  2. S

    New guppies some with fish rot - separate?

    Hi all, I’m new to here and new to fish 🐠 We have just bought 6 new guppies (2 days ago), one has already died from fish rot (the yellow)- he had it when we brought them home but being new didn’t notice until yesterday due to is slow behaviour and a thought that it’s fin was very short...
  3. B

    is my inherited black moor okay?

    I have a beautiful black moor that I love a lot named Sharkey (like a hammerhead shark!) who I recently inherited from my parents. My parents were fine keeping him (not sure his gender or age, would love to know!) in this tiny 3 gallon. I intervened and placed him in 20 gallon with a filter...
  4. Mistymercer

    Stressin....or maybe obsessed?

    I rehomed a male betta fish from a friend. Wejt from 1 gallon skinny tank to 10g. He swam and would come up to glass and try act all tough and talk to me (breathing air lol) then he started acting lethargic, hiding and laying on his side at top of tank. He would get excited for food that about...
  5. onefieshcedrick

    Think I Spooked my Betta with A New Net

    Beginner betta keeper here- I replaced my dip net today with a different model after it broke with this one. However, my betta's kind of scared of it and swims away in a panic every time I put the net in the tank. In addition, I struggle to get him out of it into a different container while I...
  6. B

    Fin Rot?

    Hi all! I'm new to forums but I joined this one because I'm concerned about my betta. I got her at the beginning of March as a surprise gift. I've done extensive research and tried to give her the best care I can. I honestly can't believe how attached I've become She's a feisty, flitty little...
  7. R

    Still new...think my molly is pregnant too?!

    Maybe I’m just paranoid now please don’t be annoyed I have a lot to learn. I think my balloon molly is pregnant as well as my guppy? I’m uneducated. I just got her 2 days ago so don’t have a frame of reference on her personally like I did my guppy. I have removed her from males but realize...