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  1. TCJeeper

    Returning to the hobby

    Hello all! I've been itching to get back to this hobby for awhile after I helped my wife upgrade a decrepit 10 gallon she had. I set her up with a 20 gallon bow front with some easy to keep tetras and Molly's and now I'm looking to go big. Been researching a lot and brushing back up on my...
  2. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello it’s me again, my fish are now pooping pretty normal, however I did a cleaning of the tank I think I did too much of a water change and gravel clean. I added dechlorinator though. However I think I overfed them. Now they r staying at the top all of the together. Maybe they r in shock. They...
  3. P

    My Betta tank

    This is a photo of my Betta tank I've been cycling for a few weeks. The Betta and horned nerite snails will be shipped on Monday!! I'm so nervous because I've never shipped fish before
  4. thrujenseyes

    I Finally Bit The Bullet And Added The Ammonia, Cycling Started...

    So my little fluval edge 6 gallon had been up and running for 8 days (3 live plants, driftwood and a stow away assassin snail...and some other random snail that popped up) when I started the cycling.   I had to wait for my heater and the purchase of my api master test kit.   I added .72 ml...
  5. Lockhaart

    Nervy Mollies

    A fair few months ago I bought some new mollies, I have three, two mostly black ones and one mostly white one. Everything was fine, and they were very happy swimming all around the tank, eating everything they could find and generally being mollies. But in the last month something seems to have...