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  1. C

    What's wrong with my Neontetra? Please help. Looks like something in his mouth.

    Neontetra seems to be isolated in a corner. Whitish substance in his mouth and having spasms like movement.
  2. P

    Green Neon Tetra Turned Clear

    Hello! I have a giant tank of Neon Green Tetras and I noticed to today that one of them is discoloured. I thought it was because of the light so I tried to change the lighting and he won’t seem to change back to his original colour. He’s swimming very well and eats as well and other than his...
  3. A

    Rummy nose aren’t well

    I bought 19 rummy nose tetras the about five days ago. I’m relatively new to the hobby so I’ve only recently been introduced to the idea of quarantining fish. I quarantined them for three days, treating them with metroplex to hopefully handle any illness or ailments they could’ve had. After...
  4. M

    NEW TANK :)

    Hi everyone ! I would like to start my first Community Tank. I've read A LOT of information about tropical fishes and Im very exited to have some of them. Im struggling with how many Liters/Gallons needs every fish that I would like to have. Due to the difference of equivalencies and "mistakes"...