neon tetra disease

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    Possible neon tetra disease?

    Hello, Three weeks ago i started 30L (~8gal aquarium) with 5 neon tetras and 4 Daninions. Last week one neon died (found him on the bottom of the tank in the morning). Did not notice any symptoms on him. Now one week later i saw that one of the neons looks "strange". A spine a little curved...
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    Urgent help please suspected neon tetra disease

    Hello I just purchased some guppies from store and a few hitchhiking tetras got in the bag however I am unsure if the tetras have neon tetra disease as they have a bent spine and are really skinny can someone advise if it is in fact this or something else as I am unsure thanks in advance
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    Tetras Dying Off One By One

    Hello Everyone,   I'm new to this forum and relatively new to fish keeping (a tank when I was a kid that got neglected doesn't count).   I recently dove head first into this hobby and I love everything about it.  I have decided to keep angel fish as my main focus for my new tank - a 37 Gallon...
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    Neon Tetra Sickness. Loss Of Color, Mouth Growth, Flaky Skin.

    My neon tetras have had a weird growth on them for a few months now. They seem to be eating fine, swimming fine, and I am not sure whats wrong with them. I checked my water and found my pH to be 7.2, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5ppm nitrates. I have tried Coppersafe, Tetra Fungus Guard, and Salt+Heat...
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    Sick Neon Tetra

    Hello, today whilst observing my fish tank I noticed a white discolouration on the tail of my neon tetra's. Worried I looked up on the internet to see what the cause is and I came across Neon Tetra Disease but I'm not sure and seeing as the only advice I've found on how to treat it is quarantine...