mystery snails

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  1. S

    raising KH for snails

    Hi all, fairly new to the hobby. I have a 10 gallon tank with 7 neon tetra, 5 zebra danio, 1 nerite snail, and 2 golden mystery snails. There are also many live plants in the tank. I use a HOB filter. I use the API freshwater master test kit, and also the API liquid KH and GH test kit. I...
  2. FloridaChick

    Mystery Snail Problem Help!

    What do you do when you suddenly have 45 Gold Mystery Snails? Thankfully I only let one clutch of eggs hatch but as cool as they are, they are dirty! Not worth selling, does anyone know if they could survive in a canal or lake? I live in South Florida so it doesn't get too cold.
  3. carligraceee


    About a week ago, I purchased two mystery snail. One is brown and one is pale white. I put him in the tank and expected him to take off. He didn't. He sat in his shell for days, easily tipped, not coming out of his shell. I took him out a few days ago and put him a cup I bought my moss balls in...
  4. P

    Wanted Mystery Snails

    Hi All I'm looking for some Blue Mystery/Apple Snails PM me cheers
  5. Demeter32

    My new obsession: Mystery snails

    Ever since I found out the new pet store sells mystery snails (rarely do I ever see them) I've been checking to see what new color forms they have in stock. My first purchase was a lovely blue guy/girl (not that great at sexing them yet). There's a little bit of wear on the tip of its spiral...