myster snail

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  1. Hmarie37

    Showing off my tanks!

    I just am loving my fish babies so much lately and can’t take enough pictures of them and wanted to share them somewhere! Please don’t judge my browning plants, I’m still learning 😂 I hope you all enjoy my babies as much as I do🥰
  2. L

    Nerite snail (?)

    Hi. My kids and I purchased some Nerite snails from Petco to add to our aquarium and was assured that these were in fact Nerites. One I am questionable on though. I know that two of the snails are Nerites but am not so sure about this third, that is very large. I am concerned because I don’t...
  3. Ava

    What do i do with all these babies?

    So my mystery snails hatched an egg clutch about 1-2 weeks ago and the babies are growing fairly fast (the point where their colors start to peep through) the are still pretty small but there are over 200 babies and I can’t keep them all. I will keep about 20 but I want to sell most of them but...
  4. L

    New gold mystery snail not moving

    Hi! I got a new gold mystery snail yesterday. I drip acclimated her to the water in my tank and she was doing great moving around and climbing in the small tank I had her in to get adjusted. After 5 hours I moved her into the actual tank, I have another mystery snail in it whose very active(had...