myster snail Pet of the Month
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  1. L

    Nerite snail (?)

    Hi. My kids and I purchased some Nerite snails from Petco to add to our aquarium and was assured that these were in fact Nerites. One I am questionable on though. I know that two of the snails are Nerites but am not so sure about this third, that is very large. I am concerned because I don’t...
  2. Ava

    What do i do with all these babies?

    So my mystery snails hatched an egg clutch about 1-2 weeks ago and the babies are growing fairly fast (the point where their colors start to peep through) the are still pretty small but there are over 200 babies and I can’t keep them all. I will keep about 20 but I want to sell most of them but...
  3. L

    New gold mystery snail not moving

    Hi! I got a new gold mystery snail yesterday. I drip acclimated her to the water in my tank and she was doing great moving around and climbing in the small tank I had her in to get adjusted. After 5 hours I moved her into the actual tank, I have another mystery snail in it whose very active(had...