mosquito larvae

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  1. Retired Viking

    I tried live Mosquito larvae today.

    I tried live mosquito larve today, My wife has a rain water collection bin that I saw mosquito larvae in today after we had a good rain. There was dirty water in the bin but the rain washed it clean and I collected the larvae and rinsed then in a container of tank water and then feed them to my...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Blue Panchax fries?

    Hi again, as you might already know that I got lots of Anacharis from a river (which exposed to chemical everyday from clothing facilities) so I found out that there’s some kind of eggs stick to the plants and today, while I was removing the mosquito larvae from a water I found this thing, its...
  3. GuppyGirl20

    Mosquito Culture?

    First off has anyone ever done a mosquito culture before? Any tips???   Secondly, I've been trying for about 2 weeks now. Mom said that she thinks the water was too clean (it is just a critter keeper with declorinated water in it) so about two days ago I put an algae covered rock in there to...
  4. LicianDragon

    Raising Mosquito Larvae

    Summer is nearly here and with it  are the mosquito's. Thought I'd start a culture for my tropical tank as some nice live food. There are plenty outside now in standing water but the water is absolutely filthy and any attempt to net them out results in a net full of gunk that I really don't want...