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  1. N

    What’s Wrong w my Monte Carlo?

    Hello, I am trying to DSM some monte carlo for the first time. I bought potted MC from buceplant and currently have them in a 10 G almost fully wrapped (corners are open for exchange) and under high light for 12 hours with misting 2-3 times a day. However, it seems like some of the plants are...
  2. N

    Help: Monte Carlo doing awful

    Hello! I have a problem with some Monte Carlo I recently got. My dad bought some Monte Carlo from a local fish dealer for pretty cheap. The Monte Carlo looked kinda pale when he first brought it but insisted we plant it in his beta aquarium. It’s been about 4 days and the Monte Carlo honestly...
  3. brokenoob!

    Time to flood the tank? Dry Start Method

    Hi there! I've been using the dry start method in my 40 gallon breeder for only 14 days from seed until now, and as you can see I have a crazy amount of growth. I believe I used one package of montecarlo seeds and the rest is random "aquarium grass" seeds from Amazon. Well this morning I went to...