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    Tight schooler that breeds on the tank!

    Hey everyone, I am setting up this new tank and I'm looking for a tight schooling fish, Cardinal or Rummy-nose alike, that will breed easily on the tank. I love my tiger barbs but I never got them to breed... Do you guys know any that I could try? If it can survive (at adult size) in the same...
  2. K

    Rope Fish Dietary Concern

    Hello,   I'm asking before I take action as that always seems to make the outcome more positive.   I recently acquired a rope fish from my LFS. I did my research and read that because they've never been bred in captivity that they should be fed live or frozen food. I purchased frozen blood...
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    What To Breed For Feeders?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and relatively new to the hobby as well! I have a number of tanks set up at the moment, but my main focus for now is my 21 gallon housing 2 warmouths. I know they aren't tropical, but i love my fish anyway :) I'm getting tired of running to the pet store all...