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  1. MyFishKaren

    Seeking Betta Information

    I have a few questions regarding betta care, breeding, and purchasing. Betta care: - How often should I clean my betta's tank? - Can a marimo moss ball be in my current betta's tank? - What divided tanks do you recommend the most? Breeding: I am not planning on breeding anytime soon, I just...
  2. starlitsunrise

    Marimo Carpet, Do You See Any Problems?

    Hey everyone,  I have a 5 gallon tank (Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 5) that I am currently cycling with Dr. Tim's One and Only. I have a small LED light that came with the aquarium kit (I'm not sure about the strength of the light), a 50 watt heater, that heats the tank to about 80F, an air stone...
  3. AquaPit

    Signs Of A Dying Moss Ball..?

    Hi How do I know whether a Moss/Marimo ball is dying? I have 3 Moss Balls which are not as green as before and they have turned greenish-brown of some sorts... Are they dying or something can be done to save them?! Appreciate the help! Tks in advance!
  4. LunaBug

    Plants Helping With Ammonia?

    I have been reading up on easy to care for plants to add to my aqueon evolve and was looking for some input. I came across the Marimo Moss Balls and was wondering if anyone had experience with these. From my understanding they are a great addition to the bio filtration in a tank and are helpful...
  5. argoma

    Dividing Moss Balls

    Hi,   So my moss ball just came in the mail. I ordered it from ebay on wednesday. It was bigger than i expected it to be so i decided to split it, i read it was okay. And i did, i split it and now i have two small moss balls that dont really look like balls. They have a weird shape to them tho i...
  6. argoma

    Moss Ball On Betta Fish Tank

    Hello everyone,   My betta is temporarily in a small not filtered, not heated or cycled tank. I treat his water with a conditioner and i do 50% water changes everyday now and 100% water changes once a week. When i went to the pet store i was intending to but both my betta and a marimo moss ball...
  7. Corykeeper

    Farlowella As An Algae Eater

    I have a planted tank that is full of green hair algae and I am curious as to whether a Farlowella will help fix it or will it do more damage than good? After it cleans up the tank I am putting it into a 29 gallon community tank with an angelfish and a few different species of catfish, and will...