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  1. FishionistaB

    Hi all! 65gallon tropical

    Hello all! I’m excited to be here. I have some experience with basic tanks in the past; betas, guppies, mollies, etc in 40gal or smaller. Nothing this big or beautiful until now. Most recently I deactivated my Facebook account and decided to go all out with a brand new 65gallon deep set up...
  2. FishionistaB

    How long do you think it will take fore my driftwood to sink?

    I have a 7lb manzanita driftwood that I’m waiting to become waterlogged and sink. Anyone with a similar wood size and type that’s gone through this before? Any guesses on how long? Everything I’ve been reading online has been all over the place as far as how long it should take. It has been 1...
  3. Fish345

    Stocking Ideas For 55 gallon

    I have so far... 1x Angelfish 2x Dwarf Gourami 1x Rainbow Shark 3x Mollies 6x Albino Cory Thinking of maybe some tetras?? Idk. The tank is planted with sand and manzanita wood.
  4. FungusTrooper

    White Fungus Circles On Wood

    Hey y'all,   We have a tank that contains a single male golden gourami, and it's been established for a few weeks now. Planted, etc. Less than a week ago we put a piece of manzanita wood from a LFS that we'd soaked for a few weeks and removed as much of the tannin as possible. I tied a few java...