lyretail mollies

  1. H

    Yet another molly sexing question

    I know it's been asked plenty of times about mollies, but my lyretails seem to be a bit harder to tell, just because with the cases of heavy inbreeding I'm not sure if it's a deformity or just a very pronounced gonopodium. Also, I cleared the algea right after this picture. They just get too...
  2. pjwilford

    Love is in the Air

    this tank is seeing a lot of love. It’s spring, I guess!! Should I mark today as day one? And is it a couple of weeks or 60 days of pregnancy? Either way, updates to follow! (slight feeling this female molly won’t make it, though...she doesn’t look too active...does mating make the female seem...
  3. H

    Golden Black Lyretail Mollies are two different colors?

    Hello! I recently bought two Golden Black Lyretail Mollies and one looks pretty standard but the other is sort of blonde. This is my first time owning Molly fish and I was just wondering if this is normal or if there might be something wrong with him. Both fish are very friendly, lively, and...