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  1. H

    "Dead Live Rock" in Freshwater?

    Hello, Looking at decorating my aquarium, tank accessories are pretty expensive. My neighbor currently has about a 100 pounds worth of Live Rock, which he's willing to sell for maybe 1/10th of the price in store or online. I've read some threads stating if you put the live rock in Bleach for...
  2. kiwi210

    Purple Algae?

    Why do I have dark purple algae growing on my live rock? There are also some bright green spots. I just cleaned my tank and there was brown algae all over the substrate and walls. How do I take care of this WITHOUT adding chemicals? 
  3. Robbo85

    Help! Urgent Id Required

    HELP!   i have just got a couple of small pieces of coral and have found two things on it that i cant identify.   first is a brown little shell or pod that is attached to the piece of live rock that the coral came on. its egg shapped and has a seam running down its middle.     second is a...
  4. Robbo85

    Pink Shrimp From Live Rock

    Hi , I recently started my first marine nano tank, I have been cycling the tank for two weeks now and have plenty of life that's come in on the live rock which I read is a good sign. I have plenty of tiny shrimp darting about when I turn out the lights but one of them is a little bigger and has...
  5. H

    New Saltwater Fish Owner

    Hey guys, this is the first time posting here. Im here to talk about my soon to be salt water aquarium and I am excited ! A little bit nervous but very excited on what to come. I have been doing a lot of research online. But of course there is nothing better than asking professionals like in the...