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  1. M

    Danios mystery illness.

    Can anybody help me with my fish? I set up a new tank around 4 months ago, cycled it and waited till the water was perfect, added plants and 7 spotted danios. I had been cycling the tank (120 litres) for about a month. Water parameters showed no ammonia or nitrates, ph 7.5-8 temp 25C. I used a...
  2. Nordk

    Listless Gourami

    I have a tank with 2 powder blue dwarf gouramis in it. This morining, I found one of them laying on his side on the bottom of the tank, pale and breathing heavily. There is no sign of bloating or parasites. A water test revealed sky-high nitrate levels, which most likely are the result of...
  3. Mamashack

    Listless Adult Platys With Clear Poo

    Hi there am brand new to this site - have posted on an existing thread but the last post was November '12 so am starting a new one! Have 2 adult platys 1 male 1 female. Had them 6 months - they were about 3/4 grown when I got them. Started producing fry last month, got 1 fry about 5 weeks old...