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  1. three-fingers

    Liquid Carbon Neutro Co2 £6 Posted - Plant Fertiliser/algae Buster

    Quantity for sale: 1. Reason for sale: Not needed. Delivery or collection: Either. Sales price: £6 - bank transfer as don't accept paypal. P&P: Free. Location: Edinburgh.   Here I have one 500ml bottle of liquid CO2 for the planted tank, only asking for £6 posted - this would usually cost £12...
  2. J

    Which Liquid Fertilizer Is Best?

    Hi,   In my local pet shop there are only two choices of liquid plant fertilizers:   1. King British - Aquatic Plant Food 2. Nurafin - Plant Gro   Which fertilizer would you recommend to promote healthy plants?   pH 6.8 - 7.2 ammonia 0 nitrites 50 nitrates 0 gH 125 kH 180 20 Gallon Long Aqua Glo...