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  1. C

    New Tank Parameters, please advise

    Hey all! New to the forum. I have a 75 gal tank running with an Fx6 filter and heated to 74 degrees. Tank is decorated with little pebble stones and a huge piece of driftwood. That’s all for now. Tank was cycled for at least two weeks and fish were introduced. It’s been running for about a month...
  2. D

    Do you do water changes while cycling?

    I've read mixed things on if you're supposed to do water changes or not during cycling. My ammonia level is about 8ppm nitrite I would say is between 0 and .25ppm and no Nitrate is id about 20 ppm. I have 2 live plants in there if that helps. And im supposed to be doing anything to my tank or...
  3. S

    New Tank

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering if someone could push me in the right direction. I currently setup a new display tank and paired it with an established Refugium form my previous tank. It’s had been running for 2 days, I tested levels and I have Ph is 7.8, Ammonia is 0ppm Nitrite is 0 ppm and...
  4. G

    Is my cycle complete and any more steps?

    I've had my ammonia spike, this now reads 0. I've had my nitrite spike, this also reads 0. I've had my nitrate go up and down but is also now 0. My live plants are doing well, haven't been in for a long time but none have died so far! Do I need to put ammonia in for another spike? Or can I...
  5. Irksome

    Is my tank cycled? Fish flake method with mature sponges

    Hi everyone. This might be a daft question and reading tutorials isn’t answering it. Is there a way of testing my fish less cycle is working properly and is ready for stock. I know that if you use ammonia you keep adding small amounts and until you know it is working, but I’ve used fish flakes...
  6. S

    African Dwarf Frogs Water level

    Just wondering what I can do about this problem. Ive bought a 13 gallon tank back in february, its a tall tank so the water level reaches quite high. I know the african dwarf frogs arent comfortable with a high water level so I had left the tank just over half filled. However waste keeps...
  7. S

    Hagen(Nutrafin) Nitrate Test Kit Not Accurate Or Expired ?

    It's been a week now that I battle with high nitrates levels in my two tanks. I know that my bigger tank is a little overstocked, so I do regulars water tests. I did everything I could think of : clean the filters, vacuum my sand, daily water changes. And still my nitrates levels were over 50...
  8. S

    Ammonia Levels At 8.0 Ppm! Help!

    Hello, We recently noticed that out tiger barbs were just laying around, not eating as much, and losing a lot of color. We are beginners so we do not know much about taking care of fish tanks. It is a fairly new tank it is about 2-3 weeks old. So we bought an API Liquid Test kit and the levels...