1. T

    20cm common Pleco free to good home

    My mother lives in South Yorkshire and she has had a Pleco for about 5 years. He has outgrown his tank and he really needs a new home with a bit more space. I'm be a expert, but he seems healthy and a beautiful creature. I would be very grateful if somebody is able to take him.
  2. S

    New Larger Fish?

    Hi i have a 500 ltr tropical aquarium i am wanting to add some more larger and interesting fish to it but i already have fish in there that i moved in from my old tank so im not sure which fish will be safe to go in. any help appreciated   in my tank i have...   *Synodontis Eupterus (squeeker)...
  3. B

    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    Hey everyone! Besides my fish I have other pets.  I have to say my favorite is my dog.  Although I love the others, there is something special about a dog.   My dog's name is Chewbaka Coco Puff.  We usually call him Coco.  He is a cinnamon brown Shih Tzu.  He is very lean and very tall, his...
  4. msebar

    My 180 Gallon (681 Liters) Build From Start To Finish

    Here is the location where my new adventure starts.