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kribensis cichlid

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  1. MothMeat

    Pop Eye Kribensis??

    Does anyone know if this is pop eye or a tumor? its been like this for a few weeks now and ive been treating with salt and paraguard.
  2. Bella123

    How do I introduce male kribensis to female?

    hi! I brought a pair of kribensis in may (male and female) and I had to separate the male into a different tank because he was too small to breed with the female, so she would be quite aggressive towards him, causing him to hide and go quite pale. He’s now large enough to mate and I was...
  3. Bella123

    Kribensis pair are fighting each other

    Hi! I bought a pair of Kribensis about a month ago, one is more confident and the other one is quite shy. The confident one chases the shy one away whenever it is in sight. I am unsure whether they are male or female, as the confident one is bigger yet more colourful than the shy one, who is...
  4. SagesSeaEscape

    Kribensis and Pictus cat issues??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Kribensis and Pictus cats. So I’ve had my Pictus for about 9 months now and recently added 6 Kribensis to the tank. They are the only fish at this time. I have a 29 gal tank with 8 caves in it and some vegetation for hiding. recently...
  5. J

    Kribensis Hiding: New Behavior

    Originally had kribensis with 4 corydoras in 29 gallon tank. Kribensis was very happy would see him a lot especially at feeding. Then I added 6 neon tetras, kribensis was a little aggressive towards neons and had a bad die off them leaving only 1 neon left. 3 weeks later added 7 neon tetras and...
  6. AmberLucy

    Is my Kribensis still breeding?

    Hi there, I recently bought my kribs a coconut and straight away they took to it, spending a couple of days digging it out and guarding it. The female then spent about 2 days in it constantly apart from when the male chased off other fish, she would come out to guard it and then go back inside...
  7. C

    New YouTube upload

    Hi everyone please support me by checking out my new video (channel: collusalbuzz) featuring my Yellow Kribs.
  8. C

    Help/advice With Kribensis!

    Hello All! I am looking to make sure that I am on the right track. I am less experienced with fish, but we chose to start with the Kribensis cichlid. I LOVE them. I found 3 of them at a pet store that doesn't typically sell them. They had been brought by an employee, and I had not found any...
  9. LaurenRhiain

    Siamese Fighter Vs Krib Cichlid! Help!

    I recently purchased a male kribensis cichlid and today I noticed he was pecking at my Siamese Fighter's fins! The person at the shop said that the two would be fine in the same tank although this is clearly not right. Since I only have the one tank I was wondering what I should do.. Would my...
  10. LaurenRhiain

    Will My Kribensis Cichlid Be Sad Without A Female?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so I hope I'm posting this correctly I just bought a pair of Kribensis Cichlids today and a couple of hours after adding them to my tank I found the Female dead My water levels are all fine and I only keep peaceful community fish so I have no idea why she died. I...