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  1. J

    Question about Betta fish

    Hi have a betta fish and a few khuli loaches in an aquarium at home. I heard it would be best if I fed the loaches at night with the lights off because they are most active at night plus my betta would eat most of their sinking pellets before they do if i fed during the day. However, if i did...
  2. T

    Is this normal black kuhli loach behavior??

    Hello! I recently bought a black kuhli loach for the first time to pair with my small school of guppies in a 10 gal. He's currently in an empty “quarantine” tank with the other new guppies I bought with him. Anyway, he’s only been in there a few hours, but he’s been spazzing out like the devil...
  3. LaurenRhiain

    White Khuli Loach?

    Hi all! Recently I noticed that sometimes my Khuli Loach has a very pale colouring to it but then goes completely back to normal. Any ideas on what this could be? It's eating fine and showing no other signs of sickness but it just seems a little odd :/