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khuli loaches

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  1. R

    Fish need schools, but I’m afraid of overstocking

    So I have a 29 gal long Community tank with the following fish: - 2 khuli loaches - 7 corydoras - 2 angelfish - 1 bristlenose pleco - 3 otocinclus - 5 prestilla tetras - 1 neon tetra - 4 harlequin rasboras - 3 platys - a few snails which of these should I get more of so that they will feel more...
  2. J

    Question about Betta fish

    Hi have a betta fish and a few khuli loaches in an aquarium at home. I heard it would be best if I fed the loaches at night with the lights off because they are most active at night plus my betta would eat most of their sinking pellets before they do if i fed during the day. However, if i did...
  3. R

    20gal tank ideas

    I have a twenty gal tall hexagonal tank and I need stocking ideas. I am really set on khuli loaches but those are the only fish that I really want. I was thinking of getting five khulis, 8 silver tip tetras and 2 dwarf gourami, I kind of wanted dwarf puffers but I know that they don’t get along...