1. R

    I Have A New Tank

    I have brought a tank and have left it to run for a week and a half and i have brought 6 fish, 2albino corydoras, 2mollies and 2guppies, the fish have been in for afew days but the tank is cloudy and was cloudy before i put the fish in, what shall i do? I have changed about 10% of the water...
  2. RossC

    Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription £40 Inc P+P 12 Months

    Title: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription for a Year Quantity for sale: 12 Months, 1 copy per month Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: £40 for whole year including P+P Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Walsall, UK / Post to anywhere in UK Photograph: (this is the cover of...