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  1. Ieesha99

    Wobbly tank cabinet

    I have the juwel lido 120 with the juwel primo 70 tank on top. My cabinet is on carpet. I have noticed if I gently put pressure on either end of the cabinet it wobbles. How can I fix this ? It’s a brand new cabinet so I’m guessing it’s just not level on my carpet.
  2. C

    Juwel lido 200 lighting

    Hi there, I have a juwel lido 200 tank and it comes with the standard lighting. The problem is is that it is very bright so at night time it's far too bright. I am wondering if there is a light unit I can buy that has some sort of switch to dim the light or even turn it to the blue nightlight...
  3. gh74

    My Juwel Lido 200

    just thought i would show my little Juwel lido 200        
  4. Maedhros

    Stocking Rethink - 120 Litres. Help!

    My 120l is now fully cycled, but I'm having a dither about what to put in it. Originally I wanted guppies, a small shoaling or schooling species (I like celestial pearl danios, chili rasboras and pencil fish), maybe endlers, a pearl gourami as a centrepiece and a small plec, but now I'm...