1. H

    My first fresh water planted tank with jungle style

    Hi guys, Recently I setup a new fresh water tank and it was my first planted tank. I thought it'd be great to show everyone the process from the beginning so I put together a video. So hope you enjoin it and please give some comment/advice if you could. Thanks.
  2. thrujenseyes

    am I suppose to trim these roots?! It's a jungle

    This Anubis is attached to a lava rock (how I purchased it over a year ago). The root system has grown out of control but I've let it as I think it looks really neat and my tiny inhabitants seem to dig it. My question is am I harming it by letting it get this way? Am I suppose to be trimming...
  3. jwalser18

    My Tanks

    So,   I've been in the hobby ~5 months, and was a long time viewer of this forum and finally decided to join not to long ago. I currently have 3 tanks running and 4 sitting in my spare bedroom until I figure out what I want to do with them   So, I'll run though all the tanks I have!       55...