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  1. Circus

    More likely to jump?

    In the last year I have had two betta jump out of their tanks. Both were King Betta. With the first, he was in a 10 gallon, but the lid was not well secured. I then updated all of my tanks to have heavier glass lids. I just had my 2nd jumper hop out of a 29 gallon tank with a well secured...
  2. Lockhaart

    Nervy Mollies

    A fair few months ago I bought some new mollies, I have three, two mostly black ones and one mostly white one. Everything was fine, and they were very happy swimming all around the tank, eating everything they could find and generally being mollies. But in the last month something seems to have...
  3. ShyKitty91

    Seizuring Gourami?

    Hello; I've had my golden gourami over a year now and recently he started doing weird things.. It's been increasing in frequency the last few days.. He'll swim around normally then all of a sudden bolt like something attacked him (when clearly the other fish are not).. Usually resulting in him...