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  1. Ch4rlie

    Rooibos Tea And Indian Almond Leaves?

    Have heard Rooibos tea can be beneficial for some tanks and stocking and quite like to have stained water as well as think will add something to my tank as well.   I have a 90 litre Fluval Roma tank, standard T8 lighting, external filter TetraTec 1200. Pea sized gravel, several pieces of...
  2. RCA

    Leaflet On Betta Splendens And How To Keep Them

    Welcome all to the start of what we hope will be a worthwhile little project for all of us who  these fish and no-longer wish to see them treated badly in stores, or by people who are not aware of how to care for them.   The idea came from this topic, focusing on the positive approach assisting...
  3. I

    Need Someone Familiar With Indian Almond Leaves

    I just ordered some Indian almond leaves for my 10 gallon shrimp tank and I was wondering how brown they are going to make the water. I know this is the betta section, but I know a lot more people use these leaves in their betta tanks, so I felt I would get some better answers here. My pH is...
  4. O

    Emergency! Betta - Please Help If You Can, Something Has Gone Very

    Dear members, What a stressful few days it has been in my house!!! I have no idea what happened, everything was going so well with my little adopted fish – even my known tail biter seemed okay and then everything took a turn for the worst. If you do not have time to read through all the...