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  1. Z

    Liquoric Gourami identifying

    Hello, I have a group of liquorice gourami, and wondering what type I do have, thanks. Shipped as P. Deissneri - however that seems very unlikely. I've tried to get the best photos that I can. (hope this works as this has videos that will help...
  2. R

    Please help me identify this fish!

    Hello, i am new to the forum but i have to get some decent answers asap and figured a forum would be best! I recently placed an order on a website for fish. I TRIED to order 8 snails and 6 guppies. What i actually recieved was 8 snails and 3 mystery fish. I cant exactly ship them back and don't...
  3. M

    Help identifying fish

    Hi there, I recently purchased 2 little catfish from the local pet store that were marked as 'suckers' (which might turn out to actually be me in this case). I have looked online and they seem to only match up with Chinese algae eaters and if that is the case I will need to rehome them. They are...
  4. AmyKieran

    Please identify this fish?

    I have an African cichlid tank so it’s definitely an African cichlid but I can’t remember what it is. I also know that it’s not a Livingston cichlid either. Could anyone identify?
  5. AmyKieran

    Could anyone identify this fish for me?

    Pictures aren’t great I know but could anyone please identify this fish for me, I was told in the shop but forgot. All I can remember is it’s a type of peacock cichlids juvenile, about 1.5 inch long
  6. P

    Need a fish id

    Hey guys, I just picked up a new aquarium that my dads friend kind of let go. They had two fish in the aquarium that they didn’t know the species. Can you guys help me out with these pics? The plecos had babies, and there is a male brittlenose in the tank with her. Does that mean she’s a...
  7. S

    What the heck is this fish?

    Hi! I recently started aquarium keeping. I decided to start off bigger. I have a 60 gallon tank that’s slowly getting filled. It currently has male guppies, Kuhli loaches, some baby mollies, and mystery snails. It also has live plants. So I was looking at the tank one day and saw the tiniest...
  8. S

    Help me identify Doug:)

    So I bought this flowerhorn from ebay earlier this year. Personally I think it's a female but the eBay ad said it was male. Does Doug have poor genetics or is he a different type of FH as it also said he's supposed to be a super red dragon FH, but he has little to no red. Much appreciation in...
  9. F

    Hello, just joined TFF :) Can someone help me identify this fish?

    I believe its some sort of pleco, but im not quite sure which one exactly. These fish are currently in a temporary tank as I prepare my 20 gallon one. Thank you :)
  10. B

    Help me identify my fish

    Hi there I have had this fish for 1 month or 2 in a 125 gallon tank It was sold as a green severum but I am not to sure he shot up in size I mean like 3 inches in the 2 month is always with the jack dempsy he might not have gained his colour yet I dont have muc experience with severums I was...
  11. A

    Hi everyone!

    Hi my name is Amber and I've got a small 40L (9 gallon?) Tank with my rasboras and bristlenose pleco with basic plants like java fern and anubias. I've just got a bigger tank off a family member which I think is about 140L (36g) and looking for advice. The tank came with 1 torpedo barb and 1...
  12. L

    Hi peeps

    Hi there We recently acquired a 30lt tank and some tropical fish (sadly following a marital split with friends). I've had fish before but never tropical. It's got all the bit (heater, filter and airpump). There are some fish in here I don't recognise. I think that's a black tiger barb. There are...