ich white spot

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  1. S

    Is it ich? How can I treat my fish?

  2. Blu_bruh

    Ich on betta

    Pls help. i used to be on here more and i have entirely new tank its 20 gal with 3 female bettas one of which looks like she got ich on top of her head (picture below). Theres also snails and shrimp and a few corries. I know copper based ich medicines can kill like half of my tank so i did a...
  3. tomatobloke

    Is this ich

    Ok so my corydoras have gotten these white spots and have had them for about a week but I haven't seen any major outbreak in my tank/ no white spots on any of my guppies and the specs have been limited to only a few corys, the white dots kinda seem to be off and on because i saw one cory with a...
  4. Tttay89

    Question about Ich

    Am I correct in thinking once a fish has visual white spots there is no healing that fish or destroying the parasite, and that only the ones that can be killed are the ones not latched onto a fish? So if a fish has spots it has a very near death? At what stage would large water changes and...