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  1. B

    Ich problems

    Hey all, new to the forums (and fish keeping in general so don’t bash me too hard lol) I have about a 1 month old, 37 gal tank. It’s not fully cycled but getting close. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.25 Nitrate: 5 I know now about the nitrogen cycle and cycling a tank but in the beginning I just...
  2. R

    Ick help… new owner needs help

    Hi guys, I am a very new aquarium owner and am relatively nuanced about aquariums. My 29 gallon aquarium has an ick outbreak and I responded by adding doses of ick clear and removing the carbon from the filter. I added air stones and a sponge filter. My mollies and loaches seem to be acting...
  3. Blu_bruh

    Ich on betta

    Pls help. i used to be on here more and i have entirely new tank its 20 gal with 3 female bettas one of which looks like she got ich on top of her head (picture below). Theres also snails and shrimp and a few corries. I know copper based ich medicines can kill like half of my tank so i did a...
  4. SteakNShrimp


    I just noticed that the ram cichlid that I bought Saturday has ICH. What should I do? How do I treat the fish? How do I treat the tank? I am not able to purchase any medicine today... I have taken the Ram out of the tank and put it in some dechlorinated water with 4 tablespoons of devolved...
  5. greenmumma141

    Possible Ich?! Help!

    After turning the lights on this morning, I noticed that my 3 rummynose have a couple white specks here and there on their bodies/fins. Im hoping it's not ich, but i dont think that they're air bubbles, they're staying in the same place. The specks are a little bigger than I thought they would...