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  1. K

    Need some advice

    The heater for my aquarium went out sometime last night and a few of my fish died. I have removed them from the tank already but what can I do to so my other fish don't die before I can get another heater for them. The tank has a few starfish, brittle stars, hermit crabs, and some damselfish...
  2. Monty2451

    Best way to clean a planted

    Hi everyone, I'm getting back into the hobby after about a 10 year hiatus, and am looking to start out again with my first truly planted tank, a 35 gal. cube with some dwarf grass, marimo moss balls, and a Xmas moss bonsai. The most I've done with plants in the past has been some hornwort...
  3. FisherFin

    How to Aquascape

    I would like to Hardscape my aquarium - (Rocks, Stones, Gravel, and Limited Plants) However, have got some fish doing just fine in my tank that has a mix match of ornaments, such as a large fake wooden background log thing...:S:fun: and a few small fake plants. The fish I have...
  4. GatorsFishChannel

    Revamping my Youtube Channel with new content!

    hey guys new to the forums! but just started back into videos would love if yall would take the time to check out my channel!
  5. RRaquariums

    How I'm Building My Refugium.

    I have a journal about my new 230 gallon reef build and I have pics of my whole sump and build there but I wanted to make a separate thread for the refugium because it's not only a big part of why I made my sump the way I did but also something a lot of people getting into the saltwater side and...
  6. SLIM

    Pressurized Co2, Equipment, Flow And Fertilization

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread was started in 2013. The links to eBay no longer exist and there are links to other websites which no longer exists. It may be possible to find the links using Wayback Machine Pressurized CO2, Equipment, Flow and Fertilization First...