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high ammonia

  1. gabrielgalhano

    High ammonia - what else to do?

    Hi everyone! After all the trouble I've been trough with my tank, when I finally thought it was all going to be okay for a while, this happened in my 120L tank and I've run out of ideas of what I can do to solve it. I had a read of 5 ppm (probably more) of ammonia so I instantly searched in the...
  2. A

    Need help emergency! Betta and cardinal terra

    Bit of a long post but please read all PLEASE NOTE I am brand new to this and have only had my fish for around 1 week : I Have got a 30L tropical tank, which was left cycling for nearly 2 weeks before any fish went in. There is lots of live plants also some plastic ones, lots of hiding spots...
  3. simonero

    Green Water & Red "debris". Help Me, Please!

    I have been trying to resolve a terrible tank crash for several days now.  Nothing I've done seems to help at all.     **What is happening: within 2-3 days after a partial (~10gal) water change my water went from pH 6.2, kH 1, ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0 ... to pH 6.6, kH 1, ammonia 1-2, nitrite...