hexagon tank

  1. Circus

    A nice trade in!

    I traded 4 gallon bags of water lettuce for some celestial pearl danio for my 25 gallon hex tank! I also got an accidental shrimp. The CPDs are in with 8 pygmy corydoras and a bunch of cherry shrimp and some pond snails. They don't like to sit still, but here are some pictures of the tank.
  2. Circus

    30 Gallon Flatback Hex, Freshwater

    Here I shall chronicle the progress of my 30 gallon flatback hexagon tank. It is a long and low tank, measuring 36" long and only 16" high.
  3. mbbowman

    Returning to the Fish World

    Hi! I was a member here long ago, back when I had a lovely 38 gallon plantic tank with my favorite Botia kubotai and tiger barbs. Between two moves and building a house, my tank has set empty for probably 6 or so years. We finally finishing our basement, and now my eyes are set towards a new...
  4. Fiji

    20 Gallon Hex Tank Stocking

    Hi everyone!  I recently jumped on a deal for a 20 gallon hexagonal tank but didn't really think about what I was going to put in it. Because of the size I was thinking somewhere along the line of a community tank since it's too small for cichlids or larger fish. Also, because of the shape and...