help emergency

  1. W

    Ammonia issues - desperate! Shall I replace substrate?

    Hi there I have been having ammonia issues (0.25-0.5) in our established planted 150litre tropical tank for about a month now. There is 0.5 ammonia in our tap water. To deal with this we have started waterchanging with RO water, but this hasn't made much of a difference. Our nitrates are also...
  2. F

    SOS! Is any molly pregnant?

    Hello friends, i am new here, i was looking for a forum to post my mollies to check if any of these 2 mollies is pregnant. I am waiting for a fast answer so i can put the pregnant in safe place to give birth! Thank you for your time.
  3. V

    Injured Fish Emergency - Any chance of survival?

    I came back home from vacation to find that my betta attacked and injured one of my other fish. There were no signs of aggression before this. The victim is missing an eye, and I think a few scales. It was swimming around, occasionally stopping to rest on the bottom. Before I could remove the...
  4. Y

    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    I recently transferred my betta back into his 5 gallon at my college. However, since it was winter break, I had to bring him home. The tank he is in right now has been running empty for a month. Before it was cycled, but since it has been empty, there are no signs of any ammonia, nitrite, or...
  5. P

    Kuhli loach with hole in gills help

    One of my kuhli loaches is sick and I genuinely have no idea what's wrong. This is my first tank I'm running by myself, he's only been in there a week, and any help you can give on whats wrong and how to help would be greatly appreciated. This started 1-2 days ago but the hole is very recent...
  6. M

    Vertical, Weak Guppy fish...

    Hello, I have a guppy tank, and one of my guppies looks close to death. She's swimming vertically, struggling to swim, and her gills arent moving much. I tried doing a water change to see how she would do... she seems terribly close to death. Attached photo. Any suggestions please?
  7. D

    Help! My glofish are dying and I can’t figure out why. :(

    I’m going to try to provide as much information as possible, so please bare with me. On March 26th I bought a Aqueon Neoglow Aquarium Kit Hexagon. It is an 8 gal. tank, I realized afterwards that the fish have to be in a tank of 10 gal. or more. My mom told me that we had to let the filter run...
  8. Bruce1975

    Oscar needs help! Bad Popeye!!

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure what else to do here...I’ve been dealing with Popeye in my Oscar since September. It had gotten better a few times and each time I thought it would heal, it wouldn’t; it actually got progressively worse. I should add that the main problem I am having is that after he...
  9. F

    Need Glow Light tetra help!!!

    Would anyone be able to help diagnose this glow light tetra? (I’m very new to this). Thanks so much in advance!
  10. B

    Help Fire Eel

    Hi I need help I think my fire eel is sick, it’s at the bottom of the tank bent in half and I havnt seen it eat since we got it about 2 weeks ago? What should I do?
  11. G

    Help! My betta fish is acting strange

    i just bought a half-moon betta a month ago and he was perfectly fine for most of that time. I started him out in water that had been cleaned with filter charcoal. After about 3 weeks he got lethargic and started to sit at the bottom of the tank more often. My tank has a waterfall filter so I...
  12. B

    What is it?

    so I have this Mickey Mouse platty and she’s pregnant (We’ll I think she is ) and she has this weird (white spot) in her anus, her poop is coming out normal and she eats well, also all her fins are up she seems bloated I’ve seen her push out poop with out a problem can it be she’s ready to lay...
  13. S

    Red tail catfish HELP!!

    hey guys so I currently have a 14inch red tail catfish. Yesterday I fed him his usual amount of goldfish and soon after he became unusually lethargic. Much more than normal. And this morning I awoke to all the fish he had ate being dead across the tank most of them still whole and he is still...
  14. Andywan

    Help! I'm an idiot and probably killed my loach

    I just introduced two clown loaches to my 60 gal. The tanks cycled pretty well. Ammonia is .25, nitrites 0, nitrates are holding steady at 20ppm. My waters a bit on the hard side at a pH of 8.0. The problem I'm having is my own fault. I was removing some decorations I had In the tank and these...