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  1. mll6966

    anyone please help betta

    Can you help me with my betta: He's breathing very heavy was on his betta leaf, then at the bottom of the tank. No ammonia no nitrite nitrates kh and gh all fine. Water temp 80. 10 gallon tank no mates! I don't know what to do!
  2. B

    (Need Help) Betta Fish still bloated after 3 days of fasting and daily Epsom salt baths.

    He's currently in a 1.5 gal quarantine tank haven't added him into the 5G main tank which is fully cycled and currently just filled with a few shrimp. There is a heater and a filter for the hospital tank, at 77-78F, I only had my betta for 3-4 weeks and I been feeding him and fasting for one day...
  3. Y

    Betta Breathing extra heavy after Jungle fungus cure

    I just added jungle fungus cure three hours ago to treat my betta for columnaris but now he's breathing extra heavy. I added the correct dose but I'm scared that I poisoned him! Should I do a emergency water change or is it too late?
  4. Y

    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    I recently transferred my betta back into his 5 gallon at my college. However, since it was winter break, I had to bring him home. The tank he is in right now has been running empty for a month. Before it was cycled, but since it has been empty, there are no signs of any ammonia, nitrite, or...
  5. A

    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    Hi! I've had a betta fish for a few months now, and with every water change his fin recedes and has long tears along it. Initially I was told it was most likely fin rot, and I tried using bettafix and trisulfur tablets which helped a little, but would never cure his tail leaving it as bad as it...
  6. jessicarf00

    betta ich? - might be resolved ?

    just tonight i noticed a speck on my betta that i assume is ich. i normally wouldn’t be so freaked out but i leave for a 6 day vacation on thursday so i know i can’t do much between now and then. i have somebody lined up to feed him but i have no medications and i can’t rely on this person to...
  7. B

    Help!!! Betta Sick??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I have a problem with one of my fish! I have a young male butterfly half-moon betta in a community tank (he's very a very gentle soul). Yesterday I found him 'stuck' behind the water heater (now I know bettas are notorious for sticking themselves places they...
  8. Kat1053

    Potential erratic swimming in betta fish?

    I bought a beta fish about a week ago and he’s doing very well other than this one swimming pattern I’ve noticed. he’ll go to one side or corner of the tank and go side to side quite quickly along the glass, I know that erratic swimming can be a sign of bad water quality but ive been testing the...