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  1. C

    Boesemani Rainbow Fish Not Swimming Around

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and I've been having a hard time getting advice about my two boesemani rainbow fish. I bought them maybe 2-3 months ago and haven't really had any issues with them. While other fish have been added and removed during that period (some too aggressive or just...
  2. K

    Thank you, saved betta

    Just wanted to extend a thank you to all who have helped and posted previous to me regarding their sick betta. I have a betta who was on the brink of death, stopped eating, stopped moving, heavy breathing, fins began to rot who has come back to life. I would have lost him without this forum...
  3. BettaPonic

    What do you think?

    I love Fitbit and really work hard to get my steps. A few months ago I had to take a break because of an injury.
  4. GriffinC18

    Water Testing Kits

    Hey, so i am going to get a kit to test my nitrate, ammonia, nitrite and PH.....   should i get one with the drops of liquid or the other kind?     Whats the benefits of the certain ones and which ones the best in your opinion?
  5. GriffinC18

    Cycling Your Tank?

    Hey guys and gals. So when i was a beginner in fish keeping, which i still am, I had an emergency in which i had to move a fish from a ten gallon to any other tank that i had. At the time I only had a empty one gallon (uncycled). I don't remember what the specific emergency was but i thought...
  6. P

    Large Bundle Of Mixed Java Fern Colchester Essex

    Quantity for sale: A large bundle, mixed varieties, impossible to count please see photo Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: I would like some Anubias in exchange Postage & Packaging: I will pay as long as you pay your postage Location: Colchester Essex Photograph: