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  1. Cameronb_01

    Hair Algae Epidemic

    Hi Guys, I have been driven to breaking point by this bloody f****** hair algae: my nitrates and phosphates and other water parameters are fine. I have been changing water 25% twice a week. I've been dosing liquid carbon. I am running a UV steriliser etc: I have poured an untold amount of time...
  2. Sege

    Brown Stringy Stuff on Filter Intake

    Hi. I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and I recently bought a bottle of Tetra Safe Start hoping it would help startup the nitrogen cycle before I add any fish to my 10 gallon. Today is the fifth day since adding Safe Start, an I'm noticing that there is light brown stringy material attached to...
  3. cooledwhip

    Removing Hair Algae (Black Beard Algae)

    I recently started seeing lots of black hair beard algae all over my plants and some on my filters and I think it is developing on my walls. I have a 20 long, aqueon LED lights, I dose Flourish, I have Co2. What should I stop doing/start doing? Thanks
  4. thrujenseyes

    White/clear Hairlike Cobweb Type Flowy Stuff (Real Technical Terms ..h

    So, I finally got cycled two nights ago (fishless cycle, took 18 days).   I have a little fluval edge 6 gallon with two anacharis plants and one anubis.     I wound up with a stoway assassin snail and one other "common snail" I think....that one is super teeny.   Anyway...I have seachem flourite...
  5. C

    Algae Remove Help I Can't Get Rid Of It

    I have a fish tank and recently for some reason I have been getting a hair like algae. I usually just get the regular algae that is on rocks that sucker fish will take off. But I can not get this hair like algae to go away. It is also a pain to pull off. Does anyone know what I need to change to...
  6. X

    String Algae

    Hi, I have an algae problem in my tank and was wandering what fish will eat the string/hair algae and is compatible with discus? I have a SAE but it doesn't look like he's eating any algae.  I have done many water changes but the algae always comes back, I am also limiting my lights to be on for...
  7. LicianDragon

    Can't Get Rid Of Bba Algae!

    I have a 20 gallon tank that has been set up for about 2 and half months now. This is not my first tank but I am getting rampant BBA algae problems. I don't mind it so much on the glass( I only wipe down the front pane so my neon goby has something to eat) but it's starting to grow on my live...