1. S

    Lighting Schedule

    PLEASE READ!! What would you consider to be a good light schedule for a 10 gallon tank with guppys? And if there anything else I need to know that has to do with lights? I have already bought the lights though so there's no worries in having to recommend me any lights. Any recommendations will help!
  2. S

    How Much Guppys Will Fit In My 10 Gallon Tank

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello! I'm going to soon become a new owner of guppies (Though I have been an owner of a betta before). I am interested in how much guppies would be able to fit in my 10 gallon tank? I was think of getting about 4 guppies and MAYBE get 2 dwarf gouramis. And also, I don't know if...
  3. Николас Хьюстон

    Guppy-mollie hybrid?

    So I had a male mollie and 4 female guppies together and fry have appeared. The females have had no contact with my male guppies for 8 weeks+ Is a hybrid possible?