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  1. D

    Guppy With Clamped Tail

    Hi all, relatively new to the hobby here. I have a 55G planted tank setup that has been running without issue for maybe 4-5 months now. Originally started with plants, then added nerite snails and amano shrimp. I also have a few pieces of driftwood in there, in case that's relevant... Anyways...
  2. S

    New guppies some with fish rot - separate?

    Hi all, I’m new to here and new to fish 🐠 We have just bought 6 new guppies (2 days ago), one has already died from fish rot (the yellow)- he had it when we brought them home but being new didn’t notice until yesterday due to is slow behaviour and a thought that it’s fin was very short...
  3. M

    Bettas and Guppies Help

    Update- Following two very helpful and informative responses, a new and much bigger 150litre tank has been ordered so everyone will be having an upgrade to a tank over double the size of their existing tanks. The bigger the better! I have enough supplies to set up a temporary 60ltr accommodation...
  4. G

    Injured male guppy.

    I have a male betta fish in a 11ish gallon tank and today I bought 2 male guppies to put in there with him, there's plenty of hiding places and live plants so I thought it would be fine but I've come home and one of the 2 has his dorsal fin bitten off (I'm assuming) and his tail is shredded...
  5. G

    Guppie hanging by heater and tail down

    I have a 10L tank with 3 guppies and 1 patty all male. and a sail. I am new to fish I got them for my kid who wanted a pet. I do regular water changes about ones every 2 weeks. I have live pants. Lately my guppies have been hanging by the heater my tank is at 76° and one has been swimming with...
  6. connorlindeman

    Should I be worried about this?

    should I do anything about the fins on my guppie or will they correct themselves?