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  1. T

    my juvenile angelfish have been the same size for the last few month, i don’t know either he healthy or not

    i needed help with my baby angelfish, he has been the first fish to colonize the tank for three months ago but still haven’t grow much yet the tank size is 30 gallons (1 angelfish)is kept with (6 glo fish each around 2 inches) heater and filter are included/ temp is 78 Fahrenheit and 25 degree...
  2. D

    Plant Id

    Hi all, Could anyone tell me what plant this is? Had it for a while now and was just wondering.   The black spots where the roots are growing: can these be picked off and planted to grow into another plant? Any tips for doing this successfully? Thanks!  ...
  3. ChaseO

    What Is The Best Lighting For Growing Corals?

    Hay I was wondering what the best lighting is to grow all the different corals, anemones, and clams? I will be building a frag tank and a light for it and my tank is a 20gallon breeder so what wattage would be best and type and size? THANKS!!