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  1. K

    Venting Andinoacara Rivulatus Gold Saum green terror

    Here it is vented
  2. J

    Green Terror or Blue Acara?

    Hi there, I recently bought what I was told was a Juvanile Blue Acara, however I am starting to have my doubts and was wondering if anyone could help and tell me if this was a Blue Acara or a Green terror. it is extremely dominant and boisterous and chases the other Fish
  3. M

    Blue Acara Or Green Terror?

    Hi first of all, I have a 450 set up. Been running for almost 2 years. Pair of oscars, pair of sevrums and a green terror?! Or what I thought was a green terror. I purchased this fella from my lfs and I've had it around 2 month. It hasn't grown much since and it's quite shy. From what I've read...