gravid spot

  1. C

    What is this fish?

    I recently bought this fish from Petsmart. The employee said it was a platy and ended up picking a random sku because she didn't know which breed it was. I was thinking it was a very large female guppy but she's a lit bigger than guppies I've raised. (2in. in length) The black spot seems to be...
  2. N

    Pregnant or Sick Molly? Dark Spot on Stomach

    Hi y'all! I noticed that my female speckled Molly has a little bulge on her belly, particularly her left side. She is a little stretched and these scales seem white, with a little gray discoloration (see pics) Water: nitrate/nitrite 0 PH is 7.5 Ammonia 0 Take has been established since October...
  3. david.molloy2009

    New platys pregnant??

    I have just started keeping fish and think I have been doing ok I have a 40ltr biorb {see pic}(not the best I know but it was for the kids to start with and will hopefully be upgrading to a bigger tank soon) Current stock is 4 danios 5 platys 6 shrimp and a zebra snail. I did start with the...
  4. R

    Pregnant guppy?!

    Hi all I’m new to raising fish (2 months maybe?) I was very specific about getting males but turns out the store clerk sold me females (should’ve done a google search one male and female guppy’s ‍♀️) No big deal, mal and Jayne are female so thank god their names were gender neutral however I...
  5. T

    Is my guppy pregnant?

    Hi, I'm new to guppys, and wondered whether anyone could tell us if the one we have looks pregnant. I've looked online, but there are different things posted everywhere so I cannot find the answer! The fish, I wouldn't say is extremely fat, but has a dark gravid spot. Anyone help?