gravel clean syphon

  1. ella777

    Syphon recommendations?

    Everyone is saying I need to give my tank a water change, but I have no idea what syphon to use. The main thing is putting fresh water back in, my tank is 128cm off the floor, and far away from any tap. Using a jug for 200l is definitely a full body work out, and is very time consuming. I...
  2. V

    How do I use a siphon?

    This is my first time using a proper siphon. I've followed all the instructions that came with it. The problem is, when it picks up waste the waste just falls out soon after instead of going in. Unless I tip it over to pour directly down into the tubes. The instructions told me to shake up and...
  3. A

    Betta caught in gravel syphon

    I was finishing up a partial water change when I accidentally sucked my betta up in the syphon. He was tucked in a back corner and blended in with the background, so I didn’t realize I had sucked him up for a second, but as soon as I did I stopped the syphon and he fell back into the water. He...
  4. J

    Best Way To Clean Your Gravel Syphon Or Battery Suction?

    I am currently upgrading to a 180Ltr tank and was wondering what is the best way of cleaning the gravel in it, i use just your average syphon system in my 60Ltr tank, I have seen some of the battery powered ones but have only read bad reviews about them, i was just wondering what other people use??